Wine tasting in Napa 🍷

Going to Napa seems fun... but wine tasting with a group of 12 young professionals that are complete strangers and also live in San Francisco sounds way better.

Drink. Chat. Unwind.

It's time to gather around, have some tasty wines and have interesting conversations.

You want to know the best part? No need to drive. We will be having a shuttle departing from San Francisco so all we have to worry about is making sure we enjoy the flight of 4 wines we'll be tasting from select vineyards in Napa Valley.

About Your Friends Are Boring

Yes, we know. Making new friends that share your interests can be hard. Chances are your friends never go surfing with you, you always end up going climbing alone, or no one happens to share the same passion for late-night taco crawls. It's about time you assume the truth: your friends are boring.

The struggle is real. That's why we love to get together and meet other young professionals that live in San Francisco. We want to contribute to a world that's more alive, more empathic and way more fun.

We'd love you to discover what traveling means to us, to get out of your routine, and discover what we call the summer camp effect. Also, if you're interested in joining any of our upcoming trips, this is the chance to meet us, ask any questions and get to know the rest of the group that will be joining the adventure.